My advice to anyone who wants to run for Key Club Lt. Governor:

Go. For. It.

I can only speak on my experience as LtG for Division 35 of PNW District, and I am well aware that little old Lakewood/Spanaway is a lot different from, say, Seattle or Portland divisions, or even moreso divisions in places like CNH, but it is such a great experience.

Speaking from my experience, a few things to keep in mind if you win are to always stay humble, always stay pleasant, and always stay vigilant. Also, when someone tells you about an opportunity to go somewhere (a rally that isn’t your own, a convention, some K-family event) GO TO IT. And if you can’t pay for it, ASK KIWANIS.

Just saying. It’s the highlight of high school so far. That coming from the kid who got to go to Japan, leadership camp twice, among many other things.

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    This. Although for CNH kids, board members are not allowed to freely attend events that are not in their respective...
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    This inspired me. I’ll do it! once school starts again, i’ll talk to my LTG, Alyssa Yocom, for details =) LTG for the...
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