September of my freshman year, I joined Key Club. That January, I was elected Vice-President and in March went to DCON. January of my sophomore year, I was elected Lt. Governor. March, I was installed. March of my junior year I ran for District Governor and lost, and was appointed Deputy Communications Director in April. These past three and a half years have been so amazing. If there is one thing that I will absolutely never regret doing in high school, it is Key Club. I have learned and served so much, have met so many, and have gained far more from this organization than I have given it. It is because of this organization that I believe I can make speeches in front of large crowds. It is because of this organization that I have travelled the western United States, as well as Florida and British Columbia. It is because of this organization that I have made hundreds of friends. It is because of this organization that I know my true passion: service. 

The first picture in this photoset shows nametags from 4 DCONs and an ICON (I can’t find my other ICON tag), all 4 DCON and 2 ICON pins, my member pin, my ltg pin, my past ltg pin, my ltg name badge, my deputy communications director name badge, my RFL award, my outstanding dcd award, and my stole. All of these represent more than those events. These represent memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. They represent the invaluable relationships I have built through Key Club. Because of Key Club, I have a whole new family. I have my outtie who as much as I complain about at times, he’s always been a constant in my high school career and I don’t know what it’s like without him to lean on for guidance. I have my innie who I admire dearly for stepping in halfway through the year, taking on what I knew she already intended to take on 6 months early, because I asked her to, and then choosing to not run again because she had the commitment to her club that she saw needed fixing. I have my sister/babymomma Nickolena, who I love so dearly as if we had known each other for far longer than two years. It is amazing how different we are and yet we mesh in such a way that I can’t imagine how I survive not seeing her for such long times. I have my closest of friends who I just don’t have time to describe individually, but just know, MAP, Kristi, Grace, Nguyen, Jessica, Rosaline, Julia, Kelsie, Jennifer, Brenda, Cheryl, Connie, Felicia, Linsie, Alex, Jason, Zhakaysha, Christian, Susie, Rachael, SunSun, Macy, Aleah, and I’m sure I’m missing people, but every one of you I love deeply and you guys all made my Key Club experience phenomenal. I see these innies and I can already tell how proud they are going to make our previous boards, especially my lovely Renee and Tina (TIGER SHARK POWER)! Also, I really could not have gotten to where I am today without the club boards I’ve gone through in the past three years, so Seol, Michael, Chynna, Magaly, Michelle, Cheska, Mina, Ga-Young, Charles, Angel, Carrie, Jessica, Cavin, Tyler, Omar, Adam, Michael, you all are amazing people who I am so glad to have gotten to work with. And finally, of course, my partner in crime and passenger seat buddy for the past year, Trang Tran. My child, my Governor. I am so proud of how far I have seen you come this year. Without you on this board, I don’t know that I would have made it the whole year. You are truly one of my closest friends, and I will forever miss and cherish our many roadtrips. Driving over 1,000 miles in a week with you was so fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. You are going to be the best Governor this district and this organization have ever seen, you just don’t know it yet. 

From Vancouver, BC to Vancouver Washington, from California Adventure to Disney’s EPCOT, from the Doubletree Hotel to Sunnyside Beach, Key Club has been an incredible journey for me. I have grown from a little boy who knew nothing about tying ties or fancy table etiquette, let alone how $1.80 can save a mother and her babies, into a man who has strong convictions and a passion for service. I pledge to uphold the objects of Key Club International, to build my home, school, and community, to serve my nation and God, and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions. Because caring is our way of life, and our way of life in the Key Club life. Ratchets out.

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